Radius Projekt

Radius Projekt is a Capital Group successfully operating on the commercial and housing real estate market for the last 20 years.

The Group’s business profile includes a widely meant development activity, performing the commercial and housing real estate investments, lease and management of office, service, storage and housing real estates. In 2012 the Radius Projekt Group expanded its operations with General Contracting of the housing investments.

Developer Activity

Radius Projekt is active on the Warsaw real estate market. Our broad offer covers economic multi-family housing developments, high standard apartments and the top standard investment projects in the best locations in Warsaw. We are consistently expanding our land stock, which currently exceeds 200,000 m 2 PUM (approx. 5,000 flats). By the end of 2015 the Radius Projekt Group commissioned almost 800 flats.

General Contracting

To improve the quality of the flats offered by our company we decided to extend our services with General Contracting. Our staff comprises highly experiences and specialist professionals in housing development investments, confirmed by our satisfied customers and the fact that we always meet the building commissioning deadlines. General contracting in our investments allows for better optimisation of the premises construction cost, what translates into the improvement of the quality to price ration of the flats and apartments offered by our company. Control over the whole construction process allows us also to minimise the risk of financial instability of the construction companies.

Housing Community Management

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we also offer our services of housing community management. Using our over 20-years long experience in real estate management, we may offer the best quality services at preferential rates.

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Polish Capital

The capital of the Radius Projekt Group is fully Polish. From its establishment, the company has been related with the Polish real estate market. Currently, Radius Projekt is one of the top Polish companies on the Polish real estate market.

Stable financial standing

The Group is in a stable financial standing and offers a rich investment portfolio. Currently, the Radius Projekt Group holds almost 20 projects in its portfolio with the aggregate market value of more than PLN 1 billion.

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