Commercial investment

Jerozolimskie 200

The investment at Aleje Jerozolimskie 200 in Warsaw comprises an office and trading, and service complex composed of 5 building with the aggregate area of more than 30,000.00 m 2. The real estate includes a square with more than 650 parking spaces, what is its unquestionable advantage.

Originally, the location housed the registered office of the Era company, which was later on known as the Fabryka Mierników i Mikrokomputerów Era. The company manufactures mainly military systems for controlling radars, industrial system, and the s-called Polish IBM, namely „Mazovia” computer. In 1984, the facility was visited by the head of the North Korea – Kim Ir Sen, and the „Mazovia 1016” computers were used in 1988 for the set decoration of a popular fictional film entitled „Pan Kleks w kosmosie” [“Mr. Kleks in the space”].

The real estate’s location makes it a perfect place for a company’s registered office, the investment is situated right at one of the main city arteries, the crossroads of the Aleje Jerozolimskie and Łopuszańska Streets – and near the key commuting nodes in Warsaw: 4 km from the Warsaw West railway station and 7 km from the Warsaw Central Railway Station, as well as 5 km from the Okęcie Airport and 9 km from the Chopin Airport. Other advantages of the real estate include: high finishing standard of the lease areas, convenient infrastructure, flexible interior design possibility to meet the requirements of the tenants as well as low utility charges.

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